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The making of Plains of Oblivion – Blackment released a video series about the studio sessions of their debut album

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Melodic metal band Blackment(Hyvinkää, Finland) unleashed their first full album “Plains of Oblivion”in the beginning of last September.

Now the band has released a series of behind-the-scenes videos from the studio sessions of the debut album. Check out how Plains of Oblivion was made from the link below.

“In this four-part documentary you get to see previously unreleased material from the recording sessions of Plains of Oblivion. We had such a great time making this album and we think that you can definitely feel it watching these videos!” Blackment comments.

Plains of Oblivion was recorded by Harri Petjakko at Studio UG, Kerava, Finland.

Listen to the album on music services:

Blackment is:
Sami Vuorenheimo – Vocals
Saalas Ruokangas – Guitar & Backing vocals
Allan Välimaa – Guitar
Väinö Huhtanen – Bass & Backing vocals
Sebastian Nyandoto – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Akseli Aalto – Drums

01. Apparatus (FI-3FC-22-41701)
02. Remnants Astray (FI-3FC-22-41702)
03. Clouds (FI-3FC-22-41703)
04. Composure (FI-3FC-22-41704)
05. Northern Lights (FI-3FC-22-41705)
06. Grasp Of Hel (FI-3FC-22-41706)
07. Plains of Oblivion (FI-3FC-22-41707)
08. Desolation Fields (FI-3FC-22-41708)
09. Maw of the Dread (FI-3FC-22-41709)
10. The Ruins (FI-3FC-22-41710)

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