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The Wolves Of Avalon – Y Gododdin Epic Pagan Metal Featuring Taake Drudkh Venom Inc Forefather members

Metatron – Vocals
James Marinos – Bass/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Steve Wallace – Lead Guitar
Mike Lewin – Lead Guitar
Steve Clark – Drums

A mighty country loves mighty reapers…He calls for death and brings desolation.”
– The Gododdin by Aneirin (trans. David Silvan Evans)

With golden mead singing songs of heroism in their blood they rode forth through the morning mists, each heart pledged to victory or death. With swords, spears and bravery beyond measure they crashed into the swarming mass of the invaders. Like dogs of war they fought upon that field drowned in blood, beneath the circling ravens, till all but three were gone. They died for Mynyddawg Mwynfawr, for Gododdin, for the North and now they ride for eternity, singing their songs of war in the dreams of those who would remember them.

It is time to step back through the ages once more with The Wolves Of Avalon, to wander the pages of history and discover the oft forgotten stories of Britain’s past. Formed in 2009 by Metatron (The Meads Of Asphodel) and song writer James Marinos, the band’s fourth album, Y Gododdin, brings us a vision of the Gododdin, northern warriors whose battles against the Angle tribes are documented in ancient Welsh poems by the bard Aneirin. The Wolves’ passion for their island’s history infuses every note of the songs that form Y Gododdin, effortlessly captivating and transporting the listener to ancient times; times of untarnished natural beauty, times of strength and honour but also times of blood and hardship. From the first enticing notes of ‘Through The Murdering Night’, on to the glorious, evocative thunder of ‘The Shining Company’ to the ever-evolving melancholic majesty of ‘Dead Men’s Cloaks’ Y Gododdin is an unfolding dream that blends the best of metal and folk in a dramatic cauldron of creativity. Different timbres of voice and song bring breathtaking life to music that embraces an array of influences and yet still stands proudly alone. With Y Gododdin The Wolves Of Avalon will stir your blood, lift your heart and fire your imagination like never before.

No strangers to collaboration, having previously worked with the likes of Sigh and Primordial, this time The Wolves have drawn upon the unique and varied talents of Tony ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan (Venom Inc), Thurios (Drudkh), Hoest (Taake), Wulfstan (Forefather) and Nico Millar (Aklash) to bring different touches of magic to their work, as well as highly regarded folk musicians from around the world. The results are stunning. Y Gododdin will be released by Godreah Records on digital and black/white splatter vinyl versions on November 25th. Take up your sword and walk with The Wolves Of Avalon through the undying legends of the past.

Genre: Progressive Pagan/Folk Metal
For fans of: Skyclad | Drudkh | Primordial | Forefather

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