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Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath Announces New Music

Tony Iommi announced he’s planning a new album and he’s going into the studio to record it. Heres what he had to say:

“It’s been a good year for me – in parts anyway. I’ve been writing and recording; I’m having a new studio built, which I’m really pleased about.

“Well, actually, the studio is built, and it’s almost ready to go… In another couple of weeks, I think I’ll be ready to go in and start work in there, which I’m really looking forward to — writing another album.”

“I’ve done two tracks for Ozzy’s album, which I really enjoyed doing. I wrote it at home and sent it to him, and he liked it. And I played on another track, and got a Grammy nomination for it, which was very pleasing. So we’ll see what happens; if we do get a Grammy in February. We’ll see.”

“And then, in 2023, of course, we’re gonna have the Tony Martin box set, and Cozy Powell [drums] and Neil Murray [bass]. I’m looking forward to that because a lot of people have asked about it, which is great… And we’ve done [Black Sabbath re-releases] in succession, really. You can’t just bring everything out together; it has to come out at times.

“So we’ve had all the original Sabbath stuff come out, the box sets, and then we’ve got the Ronnie [James Dio] stuff, and then the next thing will be the Tony Martin and then my solo stuff. So it’s gonna be busy again. But it’s great. And it’s nice to be doing the interviews and talking about what we did and all the rest of stuff.”

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