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Visceral Explosion – Malevolent Dismemberment Of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine South Korean Brutality on Brutal Mind


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The ravens soar across vast landscapes formed from the broken bodies of the tortured. They lie in tumbled heaps, hang from hook and branch with every intimate secret of their inner workings torn out and displayed for all to see, while an impossible flicker of agonised life remains within their hopeless eyes. The Extricators walk amongst them with billhook and blade, silent and diligent in their work, leaving no skin unbroken, no piece of flesh unturned, no vein or vessel hidden from the ravens’ curious gaze. There was no beginning, there will be no ending to the fields of torment, there is only now and always, knee deep in blood forever…

There is no gradual build up, no warning, no introduction to Malevolent Dismemberment Of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine, the new EP from South Korea’s Visceral Explosion. The silence is shattered in a sudden eruption of violence that then rages through four tracks of immeasurable savagery, precision dissections and unhinged beatings before it ends just as abruptly, leaving the listener breathless, bloodied and bewildered. From ‘Unanesthetized Hypothalamotomy’ to ‘Asphyxiation by Malignant Neoplasm of Oropharynx’ this is brutal death metal of the most fiercely focussed and unremittingly battering kind. Yet each track is executed with exquisite skill, each one bearing the cruel scars of a wicked, spiralling riff or a heart-stopping rhythmic shift. The drumming courtesy of Kim Yu Jong is staggering throughout and Ryu Gun’s vocal work beyond bestial. Despite the relative brevity of Malevolent Dismemberment… there is so much to hear and appreciate within the furious blood storm, so many cruel twists and malicious nuances to please the ear of the dedicated disciple of death. Quite simply, Visceral Explosion have carved out some of the most effective and decimating brutal death metal you will ever hear.

Following on from their acclaimed Human Meat Distribution Process album of 2022, Malevolent Dismemberment… raises the bar for Visceral Explosion in every way. From the superlative playing and impressive song writing to the recording, mixing and mastering from the band’s own Ryu Gun – a defining exercise in how brutal death metal should sound. Even the EP’s artwork is a statement piece of horror and warped imagination, which was created for the band by Daemorph Art (Aborted Fetus, Avulsed, The Black Dahlia Murder etc). Released through Brutal Mind on January 23rd in digital format, with a physical release to follow, Malevolent Dismemberment of Entire Putrefacted Gastrointestine is an essential release for all fans of extreme, malignant brutality!

Ryu Gun – Vocals/Guitar
Lee Kyeong Won – Bass
Lee Seok Ho – Guitar
Kim Yu Jong – Drums

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Guttural Disease| Beheaded | Unfathomable Ruination | Posthuman Abomination

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