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Voraath Release New Theatrical Video For New Song Amon The Judge

Amon The Judge is the latest installment from Sci-Fi Death metallers Voraath and its not just a song, its a whole production. This band doesn’t do anything half baked, they go all out. We have betrayal, deception, pillaging and murder in a modern day renaissance setting complete with an alien presence full of action and excitement. Its guaranteed to entertain coupled with their hybrid brand of horror inspired sci fi, alien, death metal.

Drummer and director, Joshua Ward explains in a Decibel Magazine interview: ”This video is a brutal odyssey, capturing a complex cycle of trauma, betrayal, and revenge. Returning home from a daunting mission, the hunters find that their village has been ravaged by the insidious Ostromek Corporation. Realising they were betrayed by a village ally, they would bring judgment on the remaining soldiers and the betrayer. The story follows a group of hunters/mercenaries who have been tasked with retrieving otherworldly artefacts for EOS corporation, only to find that they are part of a much larger and cosmic agenda.”

Voraath was formed by members and ex-members of Xael, Rapheumets Well, Implosive Disgorgence Sweet Blood and Nile.

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